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The result of our idea of creating a smarter and more connected society. Using renewable energy we reimagine the tourist sector.


Thanks to renewable energy all our smart shower are self sufficient.


Smart showers are unique because they offer internet services to users.


Smart Showers use the latest technology to improve user experience.


Using only quality materials we created a new category of smart showers.

We turn ideas in to reality…

We always find the best solutions thanks to team work. Solution means that all the dimensions, materials and tools are set.

After all the important information is known we start making the 3D model on which future materials, design and instructions are based.

The most important process is “Rendering” which is putting realistic textures and backgrounds to 3D models. This lets us create high quality pictures and animations for catalogs and websites.

Our Team…

Matias Knežević

Matias Knežević


Kristijan Gorupić

Kristijan Gorupić


Niko Jeleč

Niko Jeleč

Head of Purchasing

Kristijan Šimičić

Kristijan Šimičić


Highlights from the first year…

Founding the company

1st. April of 2016. we founded Pitaya Solutions d.o.o. with the idea of creating new products for the touristic sector. Inspiration for all our products comes from Smart Cities.

Setting up the first Smart Shower

The first smart shower we created was sett up in the city of Osijek on a popular sport playground.

Media coverage…